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Squad Ghouls 5: Smart Cookie

Here at Laffy Taffy we know that the family that crafts together, laff's together. Which is why we're bringing you a limited series of some of the best DIY family Halloween costumes. Every Wednesday in October we will be featuring fun, simple, and inexpensive Halloween costumes that every member of the family can take part in making and will mostly consist of stuff you likely have around your house.

Without further ado we present Squad Ghouls: a DIY Family Halloween Costume Blog.

Well, folks. After five weeks of costumes we've finally reached the night before Halloween. If you still don't have a costume for the whole family ready to launch for an epic round of trick-or-treating tomorrow, never fear. We've got one last trick up our sleeve and it just so happens to be a treat. 

For your last minute costume we give you the Smart Cookie costume!

  • What you'll need:

  • one large cardboard box

  • rope or twine

  • a large pot

  • a black marker

  • a graduation cap (or some glasses if you don't have one)

Laffy Taffy Smart Cookie - Step 21
STEP ONE: You want to make two equal sized circles out of cardboard so only use the two largest sides of the cardboard box. Cut off all the smaller sides at the folds. Take the large pot and trace a circle on the cardboard, or eyeball it if you don't have a large enough pot. Repeat with the other piece of cardboard.

Laffy Taffy Smart Cookie - Step 2
STEP TWO: Cut the circle out along where you've traced it making two matching cardboard circles. With the marker draw in the "chocolate chips" at various points on both pieces. The kiddos will likely enjoy helping here.

Laffy Taffy Smart Cookie - Step 3
STEP THREE: Cut out two small holes near the top of the cookies, run the twine through them and knot them on the outside to make the straps.

Laffy Taffy Smart Cookie - Step 4
STEP FOUR: Don the double-sided cookie and the glasses or graduation cap to make yourself one smart cookie.

Laffy Taffy Smart Cookie - Step 5
STEP FIVE: Treat yourself to a Laffy Taffy to celebrate your Halloween costume being well in hand. Don't forget to share the jokes on the wrapper!

We hope you've enjoyed the Squad Ghouls costume blog. If you've made any of the costume we've featured here or want to show us a few of your own we'd love to feature them in a our Spooktacular Family Halloween Costume Challenge! Just post a photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #hafftolaff

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