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Squad Ghouls 3: The Spelling Bee

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Here at Laffy Taffy we know that the family that crafts together, laff's together. Which is why we're bringing you a limited series of some of the best DIY family Halloween costumes. Every Wednesday in October we will be featuring fun, simple, and inexpensive Halloween costumes that every member of the family can take part in making and will mostly consist of stuff you likely have around your house.

Without further ado we present Squad Ghouls: a DIY Family Halloween Costume Blog.

Well we're half way to Halloween so we figured now was the time to up our game. Don't worry, the costumes aren't getting any more difficult to make, but they are taking advantage of one of our most tried and true forms of comedy: the pun.

Today we're making the Spelling Bee costume. And we're doing it with just five materials (and one tool):

  • a yellow shirt

  • black fabric paint (or black gaff tape if you don't have a craft store nearby)

  • a white cardboard

  • black marker

  • twine

Laffy Taffy Spelling Bee Costume - Step 1
STEP 1: Lay the yellow shirt onto the table and with a ruler, mark out evenly spaced bars across the shirt width-wise, front and back.

Laffy Taffy Spelling Bee Costume - Step 2
STEP 2: Carefully paint every other bar, front and back, an even thickness using the black fabric paint (or apply the gaff tape in the same way).

Laffy Taffy Spelling Bee Costume - Step 3
STEP 3: Cut the cardboard into a rectangle roughly the size of your chest and cut two small holes along the long edge of the board roughly an inch from the corners.

Laffy Taffy Spelling Bee Costume - Step 4
STEP 4: Decorate the board with an entry number of your choosing and maybe add the name and town of your elementary school.

Laffy Taffy Spelling Bee Costume - Step 5
STEP 5: Cut a length of twine that will allow the board to sit in front of your chest. Put the twine through the two holes in the top of the board and knot them.

Extra Credit: Glue two cotton balls to the ends of (2) six inch lengths of black pipe cleaner and affix them to the back of your head with bobby pins to make a simple and effective pair of antennae.

Check back next week as we head into the home stretch with the "spiciest costume" we've featured yet.

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